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Which of the following languages is a subset of C++ language?

Q. Which of the following languages is a subset of C++ language?

A. C language
B. Java Language
C. C# language
D. language
Answer: language

Bjarne Stroustrup, a Computer Scientist from Bell Labs, was the designer and original implementer of C++ (originally named "C with Classes") during the 1980s as an enhancement to the C programming language. Enhancements started with the addition of object-oriented concepts like classes, followed by, among many features, virtual functions, operator overloading, multiple inheritances, templates, and exception handling. These and other features are covered in detail in this book.

The C++ programming language is a standard recognized by the ANSI (The American National Standards Institute), BSI (The British Standards Institute), DIN (The German national standards organization), and several other national standards bodies, and was ratified in 1998 by the ISO (The International Standards Organization) as ISO/IEC 14882:1998, consists of two parts: the Core Language and the Standard Library; the latter includes the Standard Template Library and the Standard C Library (ANSI C 89).


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