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What is the difference between Pressure groups and political parties?

Comparison of Pressure Groups and Political Parties

Pressure Groups

  1. Pressure groups have specific interest and work for the collective interests of its membership only.
  2. Membership of pressure groups is limited.
  3. Pressure groups resort to agitation a politics like marches, demonstrations, strikes, fasts. Etc.
  4. Pressure groups are informal, often secretive, conceited and conspiratorial and sometimes even unrecognized entities.
  5. Examples of Pressure Groups: BAMCEF, FEDECOR, Greenpeace, Amnesty International etc.

Political Parties

  1. While political parties have a broad based programme that covers many aspects of national life influence and coerce the government.
  2. Membership of the parties is very broad based and it is a wide coalition of diverse members and they have mass memberships.
  3. Political parties use only Constitutional means to achieve their aims.
  4. Political parties are the formal, open and recognized part of the political system competing for power.
  5. Examples of Political Parties: Indian national Congress, Bharatiya Janta party, Aam Admi Party etc.


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