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The object of the Butler Committee of 1927 was to

Butler Committee 1927

The object of the Butler Committee of 1927 was to
  1. Define the jurisdiction of the Central and Provincial Governments.
  2. Define the powers of the Secretary of State of India.
  3. Impose censorship on national press.
  4. Improve the relationship between the Government of India and the Indian States
Answer: Improve the relationship between the Government of India and the Indian States

Butler Committee: Objectives & Recommendations

The Indian states committee appointed a committee under the Chairmanship of Sir Harcourt Butler which was popularly known as ‘the Butler Committee’ to investigate and clarify the relationship between the paramount power and the Princes of Princely States in AD 1927. The committee visited16 States and submitted its report in 1929.
It was the three-member committee.
Butler Committee gave the following recommendations:
  • Paramountcy must remain supreme.
  • States should not be handed over to an Indian government in British India, responsible to an Indian Legislature.
  • But it could be done with the consent of states.
  • It must fulfil its obligation, adopting and defining itself according to the shifting necessities of time and progressive development of states.
  • The viceroy was made the Crown’s agent in dealing with states.


  1. बटलर समिति (1927 ई.)

    भारतीय राज्य समिति ने सर हार्टकोर्ट बटलर की अध्यक्षता में 1927 में एक समिति गठित की, जिसे बटलर समिति भी कहा जाता है| इस समिति का गठन परमसत्ता और देशी राजाओं के बीच के संबंधों की जांच और स्पष्टीकरण के लिया किया गया था| समिति ने 16 राज्यों का दौरा किया और 1929 में अपनी रिपोर्ट दाखिल की|

    समिति की अनुशंसाएं

    • परमसत्ता और राज्यों के बीच के सम्बन्ध केवल समझौता भर नहीं है बल्कि जीवित और वृद्धिशील सम्बन्ध हैं,जिनका निर्धारण परिस्थितियों और नीतियों के तहत हुआ है जिसमे इतिहास और सिद्धांत भी शामिल है|

    • ब्रिटिश परमसत्ता रियासतों की रक्षा करती है|

    • राज्य का स्थानांतरण स्वयं उनके समझौते के बिना भारतीय विधायिका के प्रति उत्तरदायी ब्रिटिश भारत की नयी सरकार को नहीं करना चाहिए|


    इसके गठन के उद्देश्य परमसत्ता और भारतीय राजाओं के मध्य के संबंधों की जाँच करना और उनके मध्य के इन संबंधों की बेहतरी के लिए सुझाव देना था ताकि ब्रिटिश भारत और देशी रियासतों के बीच संतोषजनक संबंधों की स्थापना की जा सके|

  2. The British government announced the setting up of a three member committee consisting of Harcourt-Butler, Holds Worth, SC Peel to inquire into the relationship between Indian states and Paramount power and to suggest ways and means for a more satisfactory adjustment of existing economic relations between them and the British India.

    Officially called the Indian States Committee, it visited 16 Indian states. Its report submitted in 1929 observed that the relationship of the paramount power with the states was not merely a contractual relationship, but a living and growing relationship shaped by circumstances and policies and resting on a mixture of history and theory. Further, it maintained that in view of this historical nature of relationship of, states should not be transferred without their own agreement to a relationship with a new government in British India, responsible to an Indian legislature. Later on Simon Commission substantially endorsed the Butler Committee’s findings and agreed that the Viceroy and not the Governor General in Council should be the agent of the Paramount power in its relation with princes. And, the government of India Act 1935 even stipulated that the two offices of the Governor General and Viceroy were indeed separate and distinct in their functions.


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