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Which is the best Milch Breed in the world?

The Best Milch Breed in the World

The best milch breed in the world is
  1. Chittaglong
  2. Deoni
  3. Holstein-Friesian
  4. Sindhi
Answer: Holstein-Friesian

There are 30 well-defined indigenous cattle breeds. These breeds can be classified into three categories based on their utility. These are (1) Milch breeds, (2) Dual purpose breeds and (3) Draft purpose breeds.

Milch Breed or Dairy Breeds

The cows of milch breeds are relatively high milk producer, but their bullocks are generally of poor quality draft.The cows of this group are high milk yielders with extended lactation periods. The bullocks are of poor draught qualities. These cattle are well built with strong limbs. e.g Deoni, Gir, Sindhi and Sahiwal. The cows in domestic usage for milk are non-descriptive types.

Holstein Friesians (often shortened to Holsteins in North America, while the term Friesians is often used in the UK) are a breed of dairy cattle originating from the Dutch provinces of North Holland and Friesland, and what is now Schleswig-Holstein in Northern Germany and Jutland. They are known as the world's highest-production dairy animals.


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