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Locomotory organ of Hydra

Locomotory Organ of Hydra

Locomotory organ of Hydra is
  1. Pseudopodia
  2. Cilia
  3. Tentacles 
  4. Flagella
Answer: Tentacles


Hydra is a genus of small, fresh-water animals of the phylum Cnidaria and class Hydrozoa. They are native to the temperate and tropical regions. Biologists are especially interested in Hydra because of their regenerative ability – they appear not to age or die of old age.

Locomotory Organ: Tentacles

In zoology, a tentacle is a flexible, mobile, elongated organ present in some species of animals, most of them invertebrates. In animal anatomy, tentacles usually occur in one or more pairs. Anatomically, the tentacles of animals work mainly like muscular hydrostats. Most forms of tentacles are used for grasping and feeding. Many are sensory organs, variously receptive to touch, vision, or to the smell or taste of particular foods or threats. Examples of such tentacles are the "eye stalks" of various kinds of snails. Some kinds of tentacles have both sensory and manipulatory functions.

Tentacles are the locomotory organs in Hydra


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