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Ahrar Movement and Hakim Ajmal Khan

AHRAR MOVEMENT→ Hakim Ajmal Khan

Ahrar Movement was a movement founded in 1910 under the leadership of Maulana Muhammed Ali Hakim Ajmal Khan.

This movement was in opposition to the loyalist politics of the Aligarh movement, its members advocated active participation in the nationalist movement.
Ahrar movement was moved by the modern ideas of self-government, its member advocated active participation in the nationalist movement.

Hakim Ajmal Khan, Iqbal, CR Das, Sir Mian Muhammad Shafi and leaders of Ahrar were against the Lucknow Pact. The issue of separate electorates got prominence in the Muslim majority provinces by the late 1920s due to the unwise weightage formula of the Lucknow Pact.
Ahrar Movement founded in 1910 at Aligarh by Riza Khan and Ali Brothers Against Aligarh Movement

Who was the most prominent leader of the Ahrar movement: 
Hakim Ajmal Khan (Founder)

The Ahrar movement started as 
1. Prop-Muslim League movement
2. National and militant movement
3. Anti-communal and anti-Muslim League movement
4. Both (2) and (3)


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